W3 Technologies stands out as the Best Training institute in Nellore for mastering Tally Prime with GST, and its reputation is well-earned. At the heart of its excellence is a team of highly qualified instructors, including a Chartered Accountant (CA) faculty member. This CA's presence ensures that every facet of Tally Prime with GST is dissected with meticulous precision, making it accessible even to individuals without a prior accounting background.

The teaching methodology at W3 Technologies is nothing short of exceptional. The trainers begin with the very basics of accounting, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a strong foundation. Their approach is marked by uniqueness, making every class an engaging and enlightening experience. What sets this institute apart is its commitment to student success. With one hour of classroom instruction each day and ample practice hours, they provide an environment conducive to deep learning and skill development.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect is the unwavering dedication to clearing all doubts. The trainers take the time to ensure that students not only grasp the concepts but also understand them in-depth. Remarkably, this comprehensive course spans just 45 days, a testament to the efficiency of their teaching methods.

In conclusion, W3 Technologies emerges as the Best Training Institute for mastering Tally Prime with GST. With CA Trainer, a unique teaching style, and an emphasis on practice, this institute is your gateway to acquiring a profound understanding of Tally Prime, regardless of your prior background in accounting.

Syllabus Of Tally Prime With GST:

1. Introduction to Tally Prime:

  • Overview of Tally Prime software and its features.
  • Understanding the user interface and navigation.

2. Company Creation and Configuration:

  • Creating a new company in Tally Prime.
  • Configuring company settings, financial year, and other preferences.

3. Accounting Basics:

  • Introduction to accounting concepts.
  • Understanding debits and credits in Tally Prime's double-entry system.

4. Ledgers and Groups:

  • Creating and managing ledger accounts.
  • Organizing ledgers into groups for easy classification.
  • Ledger types and their usage.

5. Vouchers and Transactions:

  • Different types of vouchers (Payment, Receipt, Contra, Journal, etc.).
  • Recording various financial transactions using vouchers.

6. Inventory Management:

  • Creating and managing stock items.
  • Stock groups and categories.
  • Recording inventory transactions (Purchase, Sales, Stock Transfer, etc.).

7. GST (Goods and Services Tax):

  • Understanding GST concepts.
  • Configuring GST settings in Tally Prime.
  • Recording GST transactions and generating GST reports.
  • Filing GST returns using Tally Prime.

8. Banking Transactions:

  • Recording bank transactions such as payments, receipts, and reconciliation.

9. Financial Statements:

  • Generating balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Interpreting financial reports.

10. Payroll Management

  • Managing employee profiles and attendance.
  • Processing payroll and generating payslips.