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          HTML5 Mobile Development

With technology giants such as Apple and Google pushing the community forward, HTML5 mobile development is quickly changing the face of the mobile market.
Coupled with the proliferation of WebKit-based browsers and the need for a cost-effective solution that supports cross-platform application development, many believe that HTML5 is shaping to be the standard development tool of the future.
Early adopters of HTML5 have been experiencing a wide variety of benefits, namely:

  • A cleaner, more readable and consistent HTML code that is transferable across environments by default
  • Application distribution channels that go beyond the different app stores and their time-consuming and limiting restrictions
  • Use of advanced UI components such as data pickers, sliders, edit boxes that automatically support ellipsis and others
  • Use of CSS3 styles and CSS3-based animation to reduce app size and improve its responsiveness
  • Access to rich media types (audio and video) available before via native code only
  • Support for geo-location services
  • Offline storage capabilities
But in spite its momentum, the gaps between native and HTML-based mobile apps remain:
  • Achieving a uniform user experience across devices with different levels of support for HTML5, or devices that lack the resources to efficiently render heavy CSS3 animation
  • Writing rich apps that address user expectations and utilize the wide range of native features that modern devices offer
  • Complying with security standards and regulations around on-device data storage
Worklight has been designed to allow users to take full advantage of HTML5 without compromise. Leveraging the platform’s unique features, developers can augment HTML5-based apps with enterprise-grade utilities and mechanisms:
  • Worklight’s Runtime Skinning allows building apps that use the same executable file to deliver an environment-optimized experience on devices of the same OS, regardless of their level of support for HTML5
  • Leveraging the Worklight's Hybrid approach, users can code using both native and HTML languages to produce a rich application in the most efficient development process possible
  • The platform’s security and authentication framework enables the encryption of user data stored locally and the authentication of users in offline mode
  • Worklight’s “Shell App” approach lets users create apps that can be updated directly from the server to the end-user device without requiring the long approval process of application stores